Multitude: Disconnected dialogues: subject=object, 음성 설치, 인터뷰 대본, 가변크기 2015, 갤러리 Melike Bilir, 함부르크 독일

Multitude: Disconnected dialogues: subject=object, voice installation, mixed media, 2015, Galerie Melike Bilir, Hamburg Germany

'Disconnected dialogues: subject=object' by Inyoung Yeo is based on a voice project executed in Seoul Korea at 3 different locations, with 3 different topics and 10 different individuals. The interviews and discussions led by Yeo are on defining femininity, sex and beauty from the participants' experiences in Seoul as a Korean, non-Korean and mixed Korean. In an attempt to create an environment where 'woman' is both the subject and the object of the interviews and discussions, she focuses on both the positive and negative aspects of the current state of womanhood. In reflection, Yeo portrays the clichés, prejudices, and objectifications we women as subjects inscribe upon ourselves as objects as well as the disconnected and diversified dialogues of the everyday lives through fragmented order of the voices recorded. 

subject = I = men
men = I = men
women = I = men

case study #1:
object = me = women

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