Perception of Time, 설치 퍼포먼스, 믹스 미디아, 2014 스페이스원 Space One, Seoul Korea
Perception of Time, installation performance sound & video, mixed media, 2014 Space One, Seoul Korea

Concept & Direction: InYoung Yeo
Installation: InYoung Yeo/ Showna Kim
Performance: Myungshin Kim/ Hany Park
Media: Riki K.
Sound: Koki Lortkipanidze

Perception of Time, a 2-day site-specific installation brings 6 artists together from multiple disciplines creating a multi dimensional visualization of time. Within the confines of 900 days of 2 dimensional time space are 2 separate yet integrated 3 dimensional individual space. 6 perceptions coincide in 3 stages of transformation progressing, regressing and cycling back to point of coincidence.




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