_Phobia: the (un)likely state of mind, 여인영 설치, 종이위 잉크, 가변크기, 2016 웨일리 아트 갤러리, 타이베이 대만

_Phobia: the (un)likely state of mindInYoung Yeo, installation & ink on paper, dimensions variable, 2016
Waley Art Gallery, Taipei Taiwan

'the (un)likely state of mind' is an installation of four series of works: pen and ink on paper, text and voice. It is an exploration into her consciousness with the compilation of text, voice and visual recordings of the dreams and mind she has made since 2013. She reiterates her personal experiences of reality merging into dream state and vice versa.

The four series include pen and ink drawings on paper of a mapping of the mind; pen and ink drawings on paper and hand-written texts of an immediate iteration, once removed from the dream state, drawn and written immediately after the dream; an edited collection of voice and sound recordings, twice removed from the dream state, recorded immediately after the dream then edited; a typed text interpretation thrice removed from the dream state, typed, translated into reality then finally printed. The dreams are translated into reality and reality into dreams with an inquisitive approach and a personal intervention to the reality of our current society.

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